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Created: Nov 27, 1998
Updated: July 03, 2018
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Stefan Hynst

It happened to me quite often that I was trying to contact someone I met in Newcastle during my Erasmus term and I realised that his/her address isn't valid anymore. I reckon that some of you have already made similar experiences. Therefore I started to collect all information I had and composed this web-page.

My special thanks go to Constantinos Pappas (alias Costas) and Harald Böhm on whose large collections of students' addresses this page is based upon.

But since then time has passed and email and postal addresses have been changed in most cases...

Alex, Serena, Lukas, Eva, Heimo, Stefan, Harald (2016)

2016 -- 20 Years Anniversary Edition!

Can you believe its been 20 years(!) since we studied together, met in the Old Library, did a trip to Lake District, went on a pub crawl, or had fun at a party in "Ricky Road"? Sometimes it feels as it all just happened last week, sometimes as it was in another life...

When I created this page two years after I came back from Newcastle, I was working at the University (TU-Wien), so i decided to put up this page at my student's account. I was very happy to get such a positive response. Many people wrote me, told me what they were doing and sent me their updated contact details. What I never would have imagined back then, is that I would keep getting this emails over many many years!

Even though I was not working at the University any more, I could still access my account and update this page. That was until the end of 2012 when my account was finally closed and this page was retired, too.

However it was not forgotten completely. On a wonderful reunion with my Austrian/Italian Newcastle friends in January 2016 I was kindly asked - or should I rather say "begged" - to put it back to live. And since I couldn't turn them down I resurrected the page on it's own domain -- the "University of Newcastle Students of 1995/1996"!

Happy anniversary, dear colleagues from all of us!
-- Alex, Serena, Lukas, Eva, Heimo, Stefan, Harald

PS: This is not only a travel back in time in terms of our memories but also in terms of web design.
So behold - the fresh 90ies look in its full style and glory!

**2018 -- Important General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) notice!**

Due to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, I cannot simply post a list of personal data on this website without getting prior consent of each of you. Since this is hard to achieve ...

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